PHOENIXDecember 16, 2019  — Amnio Technology, LLC, a leading manufacturer of advanced regenerative allografts derived from human amniotic tissues, is honored to have been awarded MedTech Wound Care’s Top 10 Solution Providers of 2019.

About Amnio Technology, LLC

Amnio Technology, LLC is a global leader in the development and use of amnion-derived technologies. The company is focused on optimizing the regenerative potential and clinical use of these unique tissues. PalinGen® and ProMatrX® products do not require fetal sacrifice and recovery is performed with maternal consent during elective Cesarean delivery. Donor tissue is recovered using one of the safest recovery techniques and sterile equipment to minimize bioburden contamination. The amniotic tissues are procured through a network of qualified and trained recovery partners, following stringent screening and recovery protocols in a highly-controlled processing environment. Amnio Technology enhances the gift of human birth tissue donation by developing, processing and distributing innovative allografts that provide regenerative therapies to improve quality of life.

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